Lightspeed Uninstaller

LightSpeed Uninstaller is an extremely fast uninstaller for Windows OS that does not waste time and space with a GUI. You will be able to uninstall pretty much anything by using the right-click context menu on any desktop application.

LightSpeed Uninstaller also includes a deep cleaner for registry and files leftovers.


  • Deep Registry & Files Clean
  • No GUI
  • x64 O.S Support
  • Natural integration in Windows

Color Analysis for iOS

Color Analysis App allows you to perform deep color analysis for any image. you can select local stored image or take a picture from your smartphone camera. after the image has been processed you will get the color information : such as color name , RGB, Hex Code,Color Percent. the colors will be sorted from the most from the most dominance color to the less significant.
You can also send the image color analysis results (as a PDF) using your email.

Image Color Summarizer

Image Color Summarizer is the ultimate on-the-go color tool. Pick, capture and recognize colors
simply by pointing the camera or selecting an existing image.
Used by designers, professionals, developers, and scientists!


● Use Camera/Existing Image
● Full information about the image color usage
● Color percentage for each color group
● Select a specific part of an image (Cropping) to get full-color information.
● Click on the color box in the list to SEE the actual pixels.
● Touch on the image to get color information
● Create your own color list
● RGB Histogram Graph.
● Select matching calibration color accuracy – get the colors you want from a specific percentage
● Export color map (based HTML) to your email.
● Export color map to ACO (Adobe Photoshop color file that stores a collection of colors)
● Export color analysis results in Excel file format



Menu Uninstaller Pro

Menu Uninstaller Pro is a Windows tool created to allow users to remove one or multiple programs with no fuss.

If the built-in Windows “Add/Remove Programs” utility isn’t exactly your cup of tea, Menu Uninstaller Pro comes to lend you a hand, offering a much more appealing GUI and multiple advanced tools.


9Locker gives you a fully-customizable pattern lock screen that you can quickly install on any computer. It will help you lock down your computer just like you would your tablet or smartphone.

It gives your computer a pattern lock screen where you drag your mouse along a 3X3 grid until you make your preset pattern. You can set an emergency password to get into your computer the more traditional way if you like, too.

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