Image Color Summarizer

Image Color Summarizer extract the colors from any image and gives you full professional information such as: color name, color percentage, RGB, HEX, RYB, CMYK, HSL.

After analyzing the image you can export the color information data to various formats : excel, HTML , Photoshop palette file.
You can also see the Colors R/G/B histogram, get specific color information using color picker from any part of the image, define your own palette for analysis, set color analysis accuracy or even see the actual color pixels by clicking the color box.

This is truly one-stop-shop for you who seeking color analysis tool.

App Functions :

  1. Select Image from Gallery and analyze.
  2. Take a picture and analyze.
  3. Color Picker
  4. Select Image from Gallery, Crop and analyze.
  5. App Settings
  6. RGB Histogram
  7. Export colors map to HTML via Email.
  8. Export colors map to Excel via Email.
  9. Export Adobe Photoshop ACO Palette file  via Email.
  10. Image preview
  11. Color results table.

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